Some much content, so little time? In the average minute, Facebook users like 4,166,667 posts, Twitter users post 347,222 tweets and Vine users view an astounding 1,041,666 videos. Software company Domo studied the social and mobile habits of users, breaking activity down into the average minute. Via AdWeek

The rapid rise of smartphone and tablet adoption has affected almost every aspect of digital marketing. The impact ranges from the most recent ‘Mobile-friendly’ algorithm changes to Google’s smartphone search results through to the lower conversion rates on smartphones, use of social media on mobile and ensuring that our emails are mobile-friendly. Via SmartInsights 

Digital Marketing may seem overwhelming with so many changes taking place so quickly. A good digital marketing strategy will help you stay at the top in your market. There was a time when very few companies knew about social media. But, today, it is reigning supreme. It has evolved a lot over the years. Latest

Content Marketing Trends in 2015

Monday, 09 February 2015 by

Content marketing is a thriving industry right now. According to latest findings, almost 90% of marketers are using content marketing strategies to make a successful online presence, and communicate effectively with their various audiences. Looking at the brighter prospects of content marketing in the year 2015, it’s high time for you to embrace best strategies