Online Social Games: Now and Future

Wednesday, 03 February 2016 by

Today it’s a special guest blog post from Maria Antony. Social games have become a buzzword in global gaming market and are expected to perch on top of video games market in coming years. Game developers are feeling gravitated to social games due to their relentless growth witnessed in recent years. For example, online social

Thanks to Maria who sent this to me. Social games have witnessed skyrocketing global growth in recent years and are nicely cruising to capture almost 50% of video games market by 2016.  According to a market study by Transparency Market Research, social gaming market is expected to reach US$17.40 billion by 2019, up from US$5.40

The only thing cooler than a million dollars is, well, a billion dollars.Fortunately for social game creators, that’s just how much the industry is set to rake in this year. Indeed, it’s big business, and it’s not just for Internet nerds. In fact, one out of every five Americans over the age of six has