Some much content, so little time? In the average minute, Facebook users like 4,166,667 posts, Twitter users post 347,222 tweets and Vine users view an astounding 1,041,666 videos. Software company Domo studied the social and mobile habits of users, breaking activity down into the average minute. Via AdWeek

Which is better? Instagram or Vine?

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 by

As more brands are getting into the social video space more aggressively, it’s the right time for you too to take advantage of this space. 2015 is the year of social video. There are various platforms that you can use in your digital marketing strategies, but the most talked platforms these days are the short

The pressure of standing out from the others in the noisy environment of social media compels an online marketer to plan and implement unhealthy behaviours such as over posting, not engaging and just calling up the visitors and so on. Although this strategy will have a positive impact in a short term, but can be

Great tips here! Infographic by the team