A handy infographic from Prohibition – They put their heads together at Prohibition HQ and decided to create a resource that would help anyone looking to amend their social media channels. We have created the Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet to help you quickly check the best formats for posting pictures and videos across the most popular social media

How to Use Google Better #Infographic

Tuesday, 02 September 2014 by

I love this infographic, because it shows all the search pointers that I need every once in a while, but never remember! by Michael Nelson Michael Nelson Partner, Cogent Consulting Group on SocialMediaToday  

In a world where information is requested and expected to be delivered almost instantaneously, Google is ubiquitous in our daily lives. Thanks to Lisa for this infographic. Find out more here

Social media is now one of the biggest avenues for business advertisement and marketing. Businesses have not only established websites on the internet, but have moved to social media platforms to develop their businesses further. There are many wonders that can be brought upon by social media to businesses. Businesses in Social Media One positive