Who is Derek Richardson? More importantly, what makes me matter when it comes to deciphering the conventional and turning it into the extraordinary, no matter what the media?

I pride myself on being a lateral new media specialist who interprets and builds communities out of a virtual reality understood by few.

20 years ago I went terrestrial; delivering decisive radio to a market hungry for personality, one that could actually speak to a market that appreciated and celebrated genuine aptitude.

Over the past two decades I’ve travelled the world, being effected and effecting lives armed only with an uncanny knack to read, tap in and develop media solutions that ultimately affects the bottom line. My passion translates to the collective good of those who look to engage or be engaged with;  either by plugging in, logging on having me interpret an environment that is as volatile as the world’s stock markets.

Today I’m based in the British Isles, on the Isle of Man. Having risen to the call to take my production, DJ’ing and media insight to the world, I relocated from South Africa in mid 2008 and headed to the very markets I’ve been feeding off of for close on twenty years.

From being one of the first radio personalities in South Africa to make the jump to retail compilations, I played in the dance arena for the better part of my South African career, releasing 23 successful commercial dance compilations under the moniker “TheBandit”. I also partnered with some of the worlds biggest record labels, including Ministry Of Sound, Virgin and EMI Music. With guest appearances around the world alongside the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Judge Jules and David Morales I  was  able to carve out a space, that for close on two decades, I championed.

From dance to digital to analogue and back again, was born as a brainchild that has, since inception connected more people to the first-to-market Podcasts, streaming audio, Facebook, blogging and Twitter friendly content offerings, all tailored around the topical. After all, the digital world is where those connected ingest, digest and more often than not real-time eject media all that’s perceived as noise, littering their landscape, a place fraught with pitfalls and misinterpretation.

Understanding and respecting the space in which I manoeuvre has allowed me to successfully apply and play to some of the biggest corporate institutions (including the largest telecoms player in Africa, TELKOM and digital print media specialists South Africa Computer Monthly (SACM), empowering and compelling each to engage within a space that either has successfully been able to gleam real insight from and penetration into. For TELKOM I produced the ‘DO Music’ Weekly Update, a 30-minute audio package targeting and unpacking new releases on their music portal. For SACM, I fashioned a unique podcast that I co-presented and produced into a 30-minute monthly technology update too.

As a well-established Twitter resident and traffic conduit, the free social networking micro-blogging service has seen me challenging their 140 character in length text-based tool.  As with all of the platforms I look to understand and exploit, each requires the study of the language of each community and then for me to translate and talk to them all directly.

Today it’s not enough to merely understand the digital domain, it’s critical to captivate. I have grown my own website from 40 000 to half-a-million unique users every 30 days by practicing what I preach. In understanding and implementation of the right media tools, in the right environments at just the right time, I’m sharing my virtual vision with the world.

My challenge and focus is to fashion, coach and manipulate new media platforms that include global, digital and corporate realities. Simplify put – I edify businesses on how to have a conversation with their customers in the Social Media space. My goal is to educate you and your business in Social Media and how to integrate it into working life, No quick fix solutions. Be patient and see the results!

Career highlights include:

DJ on 5FM (South Africa’s biggest national pop music station) for close on two decades

Played to more than 30 000 Knebworth concert goers

Compiled, mixed and released 23 chart-topping dance compilations

Played alongside the very biggest names in the world of dance music including Paul van Dyk, Sister Bliss and Judge Jules

Guested on Ministry Of Sound’s weekly global broadcasts

Launched the first commercial dance podcasts in South Africa

Launched and grew and his web dominance from 40 000 to close on 500 000 unique users monthly

Consulted for some of South Africa’s biggest corporate companies, including the telecoms giant TELKOM

Director of Social Media at an Isle of Man Agency.

Work with 3FM, Isle of Man on-air and online!

Social Business Consultant

Derek Richardson has been building online communities since 2005 and has worked with:


Isle of Man Tourism



Paragon Recruitment

Isle of Man Stamps & Coins

Tracey Bell

Holidays First UK

Cowley Groves

OSA Recruitment


King William’s College

Isle of Man Department of Economic Development

Former Digital Consultant at Ashgrove Marketing

Current position: Social Media Manager at Home Strategic