Online Social Games: Now and Future

by / Wednesday, 03 February 2016 / Published in New Media, Social Media

Today it’s a special guest blog post from Maria Antony.

Social games have become a buzzword in global gaming market and are expected to perch on top of video games market in coming years.

Game developers are feeling gravitated to social games due to their relentless growth witnessed in recent years. For example, online social casino games market has already touched the $3.4billion mark and is moving at a very nice pace to  become the $4.4 billion market by 2017.

Infact there are freemium online social games that charge nothing from users to register or download. But does that mean a game developer stays devoid of monetization opportunities by going for a freemium social game model? The answer is a Big NO. In fact, an online social game developer has abundance of monetization opportunities via in-app purchases. Players feel inclined towards making in-app purchases using real-world money to get quick access to advanced stages or to get power-ups or buy virtual gifts/goods to share with fellow players.

Another stir in social gaming market has come from mobile gaming, with mobile internet users having already surpassed PC internet users. Game developers have realized the potential of social games on mobile devices and are not shying away from making unprecedented investments in development of social games for mobile devices.

The below infographics offer deep insight into social casino gaming market


Thank you Maria